Nov. 3, 2015 is Election Day in the United States and that's important.
  1. There's actually really freaking important stuff to decide.
    If you live in Pennsylvania, you're on the hiring committee for three (of seven) Supreme Court justices today. That's a BFD. Ohioans will be voting on whether and how to legalize recreational marijuana. In Kentucky, voters are choosing their governor. This stuff matters.
  2. Lines will be hella shorter than they are during a presidential election! You'll have time to vote and then make it to happy hour.
  3. You can watch the fancy map on the news tonight and care a little more.
  4. 11 states plus D.C. have same-day voter registration. Even if you've never voted before, you can show up today and influence your local government.
    States with some form of Election Day registration: Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  5. You'll get one of those spiffy stickers.
  6. The volunteer poll workers will be happy to see you.
    Turnout in a non-presidential election is usually low. Chances are you'll be warmly welcomed and have plenty of time to ask any non-partisan "how to" questions you might have.
  7. You'll actually see an impact from your vote.
    With Congress in constant gridlock, the thing I'm most excited about this Election Day is a ballot initiative affecting my small-town public pool. If the initiative passes, I'll see the facility's lighting and water heater replaced within a few months.
  8. Your vote will have superpowers.
    Because it's an off year, your Fox News watching uncle might prioritize reading Internet conspiracies over going to the polls. Your vote doesn't have to do its usual job of canceling his out and boom! plus one for the good guys.