I cannot live without MAC. Or lipstick. These - in particular - are my favorites of all time.
  1. Ruby Woo.
    I've bought it three times and used it up each time. No lie. If you're looking for a killer matte red, this is the one for you. But please - don't be "lipstick dumb." You must exfoliate AND line your lips for best results. If you're looking for an easy, low maintenance lipstick, this isn't for you.
  2. Candy Yum Yum.
    Seriously one of the most fun and adventurous colors known to (wo)man. It will cheer your face up even when your brain doesn't want to follow.
  3. Creme Cup.
    The absolute best pale pink nude lip color ever. Goes with anything. Feels great on. Easy to apply and reapply. Best ever.