1. When I was a kid, I was considered A Smart Kid (something I'd guess a lot of ListAppers can relate to).
  2. There wasn't much specialization in middle school/high school for types of Smart.
  3. Meaning, because I had critical thinking skills and tested highly, I was put in the most advanced level of EVERY class that was tracked that way.
  4. I've always struggled with basic arithmetic, but I was taking advanced algebra in middle school, is what I'm saying.
  5. (Much) later, I came to realize there are two sides to that: I did well in advanced math because I was told I was capable, but other kids who were maybe nervous testers, or who didn't thrive in a typical class environment, weren't given that opportunity.
  6. Once I got to high school, I veered more towards the humanities, which continued throughout college and to this day.
  7. So I made myself into A Person Who Is Bad At Math and is therefore A Dumb Adult.
    Also I was undiagnosed with ADHD which probably informs at least some of my deficiencies.
  8. (It's not really possible to quantify the sort of intelligence I'm drawn to, the wordy, witty kind).
  9. I didn't realize the importance of recognizing different TYPES of intelligence until an embarrassingly advanced age.
  10. I'd get frustrated with people who didn't understand my needlessly convoluted analogies, the same way I recognize people getting frustrated with the fact that I have no sense of direction no matter how hard I try.
  11. The American school system doesn't really take that into account either, and it makes me curious how I'd fare if I'd gone into something more hard-sciencey.
    I was an English major but I've always been handy, and once something is explained to me in concrete terms, I can get the hang of it pretty quickly.
  12. The fact that two of my closest friends are enthralled by natural sciences and can identify like, every fucking plant that has ever existed in this world, is just as important as affine schemes, or whatever else my other friend was learning in applied mathematics.
    Possibly more so, since the first two friends can keep me from getting poisoned.
  13. I don't like the humanities/STEM feud but I can see where it came from based on my own experience coming up in my school system.
  14. I don't like that the opposite of smart is stupid or how generic those two terms can be.
  15. I think of myself as intelligent but I'm an outrageous idiot about a ton of basic things.
  16. And I think the opposite can be true too.
  17. So in an ideal world, I'd like to classify people as good or not-good at specific things without even entering into smart/stupid.
  18. Well, except for people who are militantly and willfully ignorant.
  19. Those people can suck it indefinitely.