As requested by @erinhickey (and what a good request it is!)
  1. Coin collecting (age 7ish to 13ish)
    I got really into foreign currency when I found some in a junk drawer (my dad traveled a lot for Business of some kind) and decided that was my thing, I'm a coin collector now. I have some old coins that are probably worth... some money? Maybe I'll pick them up from my parents' house next time I go back.
  2. Rubber duck collecting (age 13ish to 16ish and people still give me some)
    This was one of those things foisted upon me, like how my aunt kept buying me purple stuff YEARS after my favorite color switched to green. I had like 2 rubber ducks then everyone kept giving them to me. I'm a secondhand hoarder for rubber ducks.
  3. Six instruments (various ages)
    I have attempted piano, flute, drums, guitar, trumpet, and violin. Trumpet hurt the most to quit, because my mom played trumpet very well in high school, and now gets to terrorize the dog with her haunting rendition of "Postcards from Italy". I can play ukulele a bit, but that's the only one that stuck (I blame stubby fingers for most of my instrumental issues)
  4. Stand-up (age 19 to current, on and off)
    I keep abandoning this one because I'm furious at how bad I am, but then I go back to it whenever I see people who are worse.
  5. Misery drinking (age 20 to 22)
    I finally figured out I should probably stop getting blotto every time I have a feeling, but it was an interesting hobby in its heyday.
  6. Sailing (age 23, for one day)
    I went sailing a few months ago because the Berkeley Marina has free lessons once a month and I was very good! Maybe this isn't as much an abandoned hobby as an aspirational one.
  7. Yoga (age 17 to age 23ish)
    I want to like yoga! I really do! I used to practice a few times a week! I was decent at it and very flexible! I stopped because I would rather spend that time lying down! I'll go back probably but I'm not sure I'll ever like the practice as much as I like the effects!
  8. Knitting (age 12 to 20ish)
    There are only so many rectangles one person can make.