I love crying! Add your own if you wanna.
  1. Hormones
  2. I miss my mom all the time
  3. I watched a video about dogs being reunited with their owners after a really long time
  4. I feel weird about being an agent of gentrification in a city I've grown to love so much, and even though I volunteer and vote and shop locally I'm still benefiting from a system that disenfranchises the people who've been here for generations and made it what it is today
  5. My soda isn't what I want right now
    I only drink sodas as a special treat so now I view them as a panacea and am miserable when they don't radically change my disposition after the first sip
  6. I have eczema and it is gross
  7. My hair doesn't grow 10 inches a day
  8. My therapist is being passive aggressive
  9. I'll probably never get to meet The Rock and make him cradle me like a baby
  10. I'm tired and I don't want to be
  11. There's a cat nearby
  12. I want to be respected creatively but don't know how to put in the work for it
  13. I was mean to someone in 2009 so I don't ever deserve to be happy
  14. One time I found a wrinkle in my forehead
  15. Sometimes I am too warm but other times I am not, and I can't depend on anything
  16. I don't lead the sort of lifestyle that is supportive for a dog but I want a dog
  17. I can't fix everything for everyone
  18. Horoscopes are really mean to Geminis