1. The main thesis is, I had so much fun and I keep threatening to move there.
  2. My boyfriend (formerly known as Mr. Worldwide) and I got in Friday evening, grabbed some quick dinner, and went to a high school football game in Pflugerville because I love Friday Night Lights so hard.
    It was precious. I died.
  3. We then went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Master Pancake (a local MST3K type comedy group) make fun of The Breakfast club, and laughed SO hard. It was legitimately one of the funniest things I've seen in a while, and most of my hobbies include funny things.
  4. The movie theater was smack in the middle of "The Dirty Six" (where everyone seems to get super drunk and yell a lot) so we wandered around there for a bit, did tequila shots, got into a fight for no reason, and in the middle of that a very drunk girl tried to sell us Xanax.
    We politely declined but appreciated the gesture.
  5. We then got home and hung out with Junebug the yorkie, who lives in the apartment where we stayed.
    I wanted to kidnap her and take her back to Oakland with me.
  6. We woke up on Saturday, went to the sculpture garden, wandered around Rainey street for a bit, then played mini golf at Peter Pan, which has some of the creepiest statues I've ever seen.
    Like this gem.
  7. We then went to Karaoke Underground, which has my favorite songbook of any karaoke event I've ever been to. Mostly alt-90s songs.
    Boyfriend sang Debaser and nailed it, I sang A Better Son/Daughter and made the whole bar my group therapy session to mild acclaim.
  8. We then stopped by The Golden Goose, where my cousin works as a bartender, and he was so excited that we were there, he kept telling everyone working there and all the regulars about how excited he was to see his cousin for the first time in a long while.
    I have a huge extended family on my mom's side so I don't see a lot of my cousins very often, but we all have the same face (I'll provide proof of that later on in the list).
  9. Sunday we went to lunch with my cousin and hung out for a little bit watching the football game.
  10. We all took pictures near the super touristy "welcome to Austin" sign.
    That bald guy is my cousin.
  11. My boyfriend and my cousin got along very well.
  12. Then my boyfriend and I did a little browsing on South Congress at some of the cool shops there.
  13. Then we went to the top of Mt Bonnel at sunset to take in the view.
    We're very cute and sweaty and we look like a dad ran away with the babysitter.
  14. We then went to Torchy's tacos on the recommendation of @kcupcaker
  15. Got ice cream at Amy's also thanks to @kcupcaker
  16. Walked around the Capitol building at night.
    Hot Pokemon Go spot, apparently.
  17. Monday we got up and got some food (I forget where) then went to Barton Springs to do some swimming.
  18. We went to the graffiti yard and I got roasted.
  19. Then we went to Stiles Switch for super tasty BBQ, went back to South Congress area to watch the bats come out from under the bridge, then went to two open mics.
    The first was Schtick at the Coldtowne Theater, the second was a midnight mic at Spider House and both were GREAT.
  20. We hung out with some of the other comics after Spider House and they were all super nice, then we walked back to the apartment where we were staying.
    I was very drunk and yelling about how much I love Austin and also eating snacks.
  21. Tuesday we got a bit of a later start, ate at Torchy's again, then went to the research library at UT Austin to take a look at some of David Foster Wallace's research materials.
    This was the only part I wish we'd had more time for, I could spend days there reading over all the materials they had.
  22. Then we hopped on a plane and got back to SF and rejoiced in the mild weather.
  23. We had a very nice time.