I went for exclusivity over quality here
  1. The Heiress (gin in rosé)
    Only available in my then-empty apartment when I had friends over in the few days between roommates-moving-out and subletters-moving-in. Led to a lot of yelling while watching "9 to 5"
  2. Look at Those Melons "Mimosa"! (sake in melon soda)
    Also only available in my apartment when my roommate at the time realized that, although cost-effective, buying a giant bottle of sake from the Korean market down the street is always a bad idea because 1) nobody in our apartment liked sake and 2) especially not that sake which had a particularly toungue-coaty aftertaste. The melon soda helped a ton but I still hate sake.
  3. Missing The Point (whiskey and pickle juice)
    Available last month in Temescal in my friend's backyard when I wanted to prove my love of pickle juice. Pickle backs are popular because pickle juice is the best chaser. It does not make a good mixer, as it turns out.
  4. Stop That (gin in everything)
    After we invented The Heiress (above) my friends and I decided to sneak gin in everyone's drinks when they weren't looking. Beer, whiskey, interesting sodas we picked up from the Korean market down the street, nothing was safe. I slept in my closet that night.
  5. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (two Razberitas, shotgunned)
    When I lived with a very domestic couple and 2 other people, our dynamic turned into: couple as Mom and Dad and the rest of us as their drunk toddlers. The couple went out of town for a weekend and the rest of us got really into shotgunning Razberitas (which taste awful) and sending them pictures of it.
  6. Garden Gimlet at Make Westing
    Should probably make some actual suggestions. I'm a fan of refreshing cocktails that aren't too sweet, this basil/cucumber thing hits the spot in that regard.
  7. Doug Re-fresh at Hawker Fare
    Apparently there's a Hawker Fare in SF too? Oh well. I forget what's in this drink except that I really liked it and it was also the refreshing kind of cocktail. Probably there is lime? The Bruce Lychee drink is also rull good.
  8. Whatever Bellini they have at Grand Lake Kitchen
    One time it was a blood orange Bellini and I lost my mind.
  9. Anything at Cock-A-Doodle Café
    I only drink cocktails while brunching, usually, and that's my latest brunch fav. They are NOT stingy with the hard alcohol.
  10. Beer
    Beer is my favorite cocktail. Woods is the best place to get it (they also have 2 sister locations in SF but all the brewing happens in Oakland).