I am constantly downloading and deleting apps because I refuse to give up, but I also refuse to put in any effort.
  1. "One time I saw Usher in a Gap Kids."
  2. "Rectangle. America. Megaphone. Monday. Butthole."
  3. "I'm in the Bay Area taking a break from my lucrative lounge singing career to pose as a nun and help inner-city youths express themselves through the art of gospel music."
  4. "I hate Game of Thrones."
  5. "I hate camping."
  6. "I want to pet dogs. That's the only reason I have this app. Let me pet your dog."
  7. "My usual tactic of running into the middle of the street and shouting 'WHO'S TRYNA HOLD HANDS?!' has had mixed results."
  8. "I'm way too weird to be this hot, and vice versa, yet here I am."