Things I consider red flags in others but totally do myself.
  1. Unchecked, gleeful mental illness.
    Mental illness in and of itself is not a dealbreaker, but I do get wary of potential partners who wallow in it. Mostly because in any pairing, I need to be the crazier one.
  2. Hanging out with an ex too much or talking about them a lot.
    I hang out with my ex boyfriend at least three times a week, for comedy reasons. If anyone I was interested in did the same thing, I'd lose my whole mind.
  3. Hating an ex to the point where they can't even come up in conversation.
    I can't say one of my ex's names without gagging.
  4. Refusing to see another person's point of view.
    This is highly dependent on context, but I have ridiculously strong opinions that make no sense and I will not budge on.
  5. Won't hang out in certain areas even if those areas are important to me.
    I only love Oakland and I have tried to date people who only love San Francisco and it never works.
  6. Fractured parental relationships.
    Also hugely dependent on context but I don't speak to my father so I don't have a leg to stand on here.
  7. Bad sense of humor.
    In theory, I can imagine that some people don't find me funny. Those people are all dummies and I don't care to know them at all.