I'm from New Jersey and everyone knows it.
  1. My first awareness of Bruce was when I was little and my mom complained about how many of his shows she went to in her teens and 20s.
    She grew up in Old Bridge, NJ, in the same general area as the Stone Pony
  2. Her best friend Sheila O'Sullivan got kicked out of a show for climbing onstage, grabbing his waist, and refusing to let go.
    A hero.
  3. I never really bothered listening to him as a kid/tween because I didn't really think about him as a person who made music.
    In my mind, he was like the Greek Gods: I knew that he was important to a group of people for a long time, but it didn't really apply to me.
  4. Then my mom got me my first record player for my 17th birthday, and I traipsed down to the basement to go through her and my dad's old records.
  5. Born In The USA caught my eye early on, because DAT ASS.
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  6. But also Born To Run was down there. I took it back up to my room to have in my collection for Jersey Cred, but never really threw it on the record player.
    Mostly I just listened to Boxer by The National over and over again, and wondered why I was so depressed all the time.
  7. I shipped my record player and records to my dorm when I left for college because I was and am an insufferable asshole.
  8. One afternoon my roommates were both in class and I was feeling pretty homesick, so I had a little Bruce marathon by myself.
  9. Oh my GOD why did it take me that long?????
  10. His music is my favorite music in the world???
  11. And it represents so much to me, like the sadness associated with growing up outside of my favorite city that wanted nothing to with people from where I'm from, and my tiny mom who can dance just like Courtney Cox in that video, and the comfort in having one musician who can fit right into that homesickness and justify it.
  12. So I wasn't like, raised on him or anything but he's still tied to my upbringing.
  13. And today I'm wearing a shirt from his '86 tour I got on Etsy (lol)
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  14. I miss NJ, youse guys!