I work in customer support and can work remotely whenever I want. Here's how some of my days go.
  1. 6:30am: Alarm goes off.
    This is how early I need to get up to be showered and into the office by 8, when our west coast hours start.
  2. Snooze
  3. Snooze
  4. Snooze
  5. Well, at this point I can't get into the office on time so I will work from home in the morning, and go in at lunch!
  6. Work for 3ish hours.
  7. Prepare lunch.
  8. Lounge.
  9. Put on pants. Get mad at pants.
  10. Lounge.
  11. Pack up all items and put them in backpack.
  12. I would need to leave in 5 minutes to get into the office by the end of my lunch hour.
  13. Where are my keys?
  14. I know I had them.
  15. Where did I put them?
  16. Did they exit my hands and immediately fly into the sun?
  18. Oh look, they're in my bed-nest.
  19. I can sort of get there on time now?
  20. Ok time to go outside.
  21. It is HOT.
  22. I do not LIKE THIS.
  23. I am going back inside and working from home the rest of the day.
  24. Remove pants and immediately feel 200x better.