1. I was in my bar with my friend Natalyn.
  2. This was sometime in the spring. April sounds right.
    The main issue I have with living in the Bay Area is, unless I have a holiday to hold the memory against, I always forget what time of year something happened since the weather is pretty much the same year-round. That's a bullshit complaint, but it is mine.
  3. We were sitting next to the fire pit, and I noticed a bloodhound on the other side of the bar.
  4. I promptly LOST MY MIND.
    "Should I go over and say hi? Is that weird? Should I be weird? I love that dog, do you think that dog loves me? I should say hi, right?"
  5. I went over to say hi to the dog, whose name I was told is Milton.
    I remember nothing about his owner. I'm sure she was lovely, but you could not pay me to care less about the owner of a dog I'm trying to make friends with.
  6. I left Milton to go back to my seat and talk about him with my friend.
  7. A man in a motorized wheelchair zoomed in dramatically.
  8. He was holding a saxophone.
  9. He played the theme from Sanford and Son the whole way through.
  10. Milton howled through the whole thing.
    This did not deter the man.
  11. He left the bar just as suddenly as he entered.
  12. So, no matter what else happened in 2015, that made the whole year worth it.