Inspired by @eatthelove 's list that's been flying around. Mine's a bit different.
  1. Lay out the duvet and the cover. Crawl inside the cover and assume the fetal position.
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  2. Sit up into bridge troll stance and slowly pull the duvet into the cover with you, holding the corners in place with your feet.
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  3. "I'm a monster!"
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    Take a break to frighten your roommate, who is taking pictures instead of helping.
  4. Grab a corner of the duvet in each hand and punch them into their corresponding corners in the cover.
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  5. Fall down.
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    Action shot!
  6. Lie facedown on the floor and think about your choices while you try to make the duvet look like a duvet.
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  7. It will then be... somewhat flat?
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    My poor little leg fighting for freedom.
  8. Crawl out of your feather cave with a sense of accomplishment that outweighs the actual lumpy result.
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