These are problems with me, not problems I experience.
  1. I love Oakland so much!
    I work in tech. I'm what's going wrong here. I vote and I shop locally and I try to make my impact slightly less negative where I can, but me moving into an area is still a death knell for what I love about it in the first place.
  2. I try to be body positive about others but I don't apply it to myself!
    I! Hate! My! Body! So much sometimes! I joke about having the body of a baby seal, somehow both smooth and lumpy, and it's real and I know in theory how lucky I am to be close to what popular media considers to be attractive (and that the concept of beauty is some fucked up bullshit), but my idealized version of myself is still from when I was angular and exhausted.
  3. Being single makes me miserable!
    I know that's not cool and I should just be #doinme all the time but I HAAAAAAAATE IT. I'm not tryna d8 anyone I know but I find it absurd that I haven't met anyone I'm into in like, a full year.
  4. I miss having long hair!
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    I just wanna be boring typical hot-girl-hot.
  5. I love complaining!