1. Ugh
  2. I don't want to
  3. Who the fuck throws their girlfriend a secret camping trip for her birthday
    They both fucking LOVE camping and I'm super-close with each of them so I have to go even though this is my hell
  4. What's the bathroom sitch tho
  5. Am I going to have to PEE IN NATURE
  6. I should never have cut my hair off long hair looks so much better when it's dirty.
    Short hair just sticks straight up
  7. I'm gonna have to share a tent
    I don't even know whose tent but I know I don't have one
  8. I don't WANT TO
  9. Should I tell them I am dying
  10. Should I actually start dying for plausible deniability
  11. I love showering
  12. What is the fucking point of evolution if we're all just going to sleep on the ground outside anyway like ANIMALS
  13. I am like, such a good friend