Add yr own!
  1. Is good enough at makeup to do yours for semi-fancy occasions.
  2. Tells you which shows you would love.
  3. Has extra snacks, pens, paper, condoms, gum, and Xanax in her bag in case of emergencies.
  4. Never wants to go dancing but always wants to dance.
  5. Offers furious and aggressive validation with little to no prompting.
  6. Helps you buy the right jeans.
  7. Will only dispense advice if asked or if you're about to do something REALLY stupid. Otherwise, I'll just listen and help you work through something yourself.
    Suggested by @StuckOnThe7
  8. Actually picks a time and place to hang out and wrangles people to be social.
    Vaguely saying "we should hang out sometime" is the bane of my existence.
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  9. will buy you food 24/7
    Suggested by @feminist
  10. Doesn't wear my jacket in case you get cold and need it
    Suggested by @destiel
  11. Remembers every dumb thing you do so I can use it against you when playing "Never have I Ever..."
    Suggested by @peachney
  12. Will gently apply false eyelashes to your face for fancy events
    Suggested by @nantea
  13. Responds to your texts with advice even if not solicited
    I'm trying to QUIT but it's hard bc it's my default
    Suggested by @nantea
  14. Makes sure you text me to tell me you got home safely.
    Suggested by @hh12995
  15. Always grabs a second coffee for you
    Suggested by @alyssafields