Pictures I have sent to my 6'4 ex boyfriend.
  1. It's us!
    C3e9f20a b94d 4cc4 bcfa 7a4c5b70127f
  2. It's us!
    D21e5292 6bd3 4368 b9fd aa803531f90c
  3. It's us!
    20562d9d 7ced 4ca2 82fa 6a0b4146aa94
    (I am actually one of those, but my ex is not the other)
  4. It's us!
    68a1207c 27fa 47d9 9648 5c2824ef9a6c
  5. It's us!
    3d8de898 2ddc 47df 89db 5ddc471d05d4
  6. It's us!
    A79eeb00 1f93 42dd 857b 7b93656b5575
  7. It's us!
    224a70da cada 4234 8e66 4a35371ba381
  8. It's us!
    3b67837d 16e6 414c 8cda 618ffed365c8
    My personal fav