I considered posting this without a disclaimer bc I trust this app, but just in case: I recognize that men can be feminist allies, and every man I hold close to me is one. This is not a list about them.
  1. "I just want to make a safe space for women! A space where they feel safe enough to suck my dick!"
  2. "An ally's role is to stand back and I fully intend to do that once I stop pontificating."
  3. "Tell me when I screw up, then explain it to me again when I get defensive. Be my social justice tutor at all times."
  4. "In the interest of equality, I hereby invite all women to objectify me."
  5. "Mansplaining, btw, is when men define to women concepts that the women are already intimately familiar with."
    Actual quote.
  6. "One time someone thought I was gay and I was totally cool about it."
  7. "I personally find women of all shapes and sizes sexually appealing."
  8. "Have you ever read The Ethical Slut?"