Let's just lean into this mental health listing, shall we?
  1. I'm on Zoloft now!
  2. I wasn't really able to leave my house for weeks!
    Except to go up onstage and do comedy, which is actually bonkers and makes no sense.
  3. So my psychiatrist recommended Zoloft!
  4. In addition to my existing ADHD and anxiety meds!
    I take Vyvanse every day but only take Xanax when I'm having a panic attack or can't sleep.
  6. Starting an SSRI is NOOOOOT GREEEEEAT.
  7. I tried Prozac a few years ago and sobbed uncontrollably for a week straight so I knew it was a crapshoot.
  8. But I wasn't feeling all that bad today.
  9. Until I just started sweating aggressively out of nowhere and had to lie down on my bathroom floor.
  10. And I'm not drinking for the first coupla weeks of taking this but luckily I still have the feeling of being violently hungover.
    I saw my roommate on my way to the bathroom and I'm sure he thought I was wasted because I just mumbled "hey" and lurched my sweaty body into the bathroom very quickly.
  11. I'm still on the floor.
  12. But I did not throw up!
  13. And I will listen to my psychiatrist and give this new medication a week.
    I'm so so sensitive to medication, more so than most people I know. I'm on half the smallest dosage available. I have to split the pills in half. And even this is fucking with me.
  14. But I'm cranky!!!!!!!!
  15. I need to be able to have my nights at least mostly free of nausea.
  16. So this had better fucking pass sooner rather than later.
  17. Or else THIS SHIT IS DONE.