1. My body is bad at regulating blood sugar.
    There are a lot of possible reasons I've been too lazy to confirm. My mom is a juvenile diabetic and the other kind of diabetes runs rampant on both sides of my fam, and I have a history of disordered eating so idk if I just threw my metabolism outta whack permanently but I'm not sure that's a thing.
  2. In theory, I should take this into account when planning my day.
    Because it's a constant, and that would be smart!
  3. In practice, not so much.
    Make not-food plans after work so that I don't get home until 9pm after a light lunch? Sure! 7am hot yoga running on a handful of almonds and then refusing to eat another food until 1pm? Sounds like a great idea!
  4. This time I ate a banana at 6:30 am, then did some fitness, then worked at home until 1pm, then took the train into the city and went to pick up a salad before working the rest of the day in the office.
    I never realize I'm in the danger zone until I'm on a train and very much unable to procure a snack.
  5. Aw good my fav salad place has a line! It's usually empty even during lunch! People are catching on and it will stick around!
  6. Hmmmmmm I am feeling not good.
  7. I am feeling actively bad.
  8. Okay! Time to order my salad while shaking and sweating like a junkie!
    So glad my crush is working today, this is a gr8 look for me.
  9. Am I going to pass out?
  10. The sides of my field of vision are getting blurry but I refuse to look weak so I'm still gonna stand while I wait for my salad.
  11. Am now holding onto consciousness with everything I've got, and I'm still the sweatiest and shakiest person in the world.
  12. This would be such a bullshit way to die.
    "Dumbass passes out in salad place, hits head, dies due to lack of forethought/glucose."
  13. Salad is prepared and paid for, I seem very rude as I do not have the capacity for small talk.
  14. Must stumble my way to the office, almost get hit by a car.
  15. Don't mind me, men in suits on this elevator with me, I'm just holding my salad and pressing my whole body into the elevator wall, as normal humans do. I'm just so overwhelmed by my love of business.
  16. I made it back to my desk and am eating my salad! The world is calm! I'm so excited to do this again tomorrow and every day forever!