I was very cute last year and continue to be cute this year. Let's celebrate that!
  1. January
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  2. February
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  3. March
    7610eecc f2d6 435b b9e6 5f169dbe6884
  4. April
    5f7ab64a 4f46 4ddb 8d80 9cc2c649c975
    Yeah, I cut all that hair off in April.
  5. May
    A2cfc203 557e 4731 876c 02ec3aa7eb65
  6. June
    F88a2c14 3fb3 4a5c bc50 3f75eebe65ae
    Featuring my mom!
  7. July
    Dc8f10d5 6384 46a7 baf6 8bd153cad516
  8. August
    9ec00ac6 f08c 4ebb affa c5eee91d672a
  9. September
    0cbbf7f8 99bc 4098 a1e9 a302c9543ca1
  10. October
    14b63058 fd4a 4f67 8072 e87b6fbe0e06
  11. November
    2d13ad28 e2cf 4993 a3aa 0213ddd0f6df
  12. December
    E2f0088a f759 41df 9665 67f08b497d27