These are either moves I have employed myself or admired in others.
  1. Read receipts.
  2. Not using private listening in Spotify.
    An @nantea move I have yet to embrace in my life.
  3. Getting too drunk at a work function and inviting yourself over to a regular hookup's house to throw up.
  4. Asking,"Why aren't we kissing yet?"
  5. Making out with a stranger at a party, then, just in case your best friend didn't notice, pointing to the stranger and shouting from across the room, "WE JUST MADE OUT. A WHOLE BUNCH."
  6. Referring to oneself as a genius.
  7. Getting inordinately angry when someone refers to anything as "a guilty pleasure."
    The most recent instance involved me yelling into a handsome man's face, "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GUILTY PLEASURE. YOU JUST LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT."
  8. Posting up at the AUX cable and being the best party DJ.
  9. Taking people to bars where everyone already knows you, proving how universally charming you are.
  10. Not laughing at unfunny jokes.