I haven't driven a car in 5 years
  1. Ferry
    I lose my mind every time I take a ferry. My whole mind. It's beautiful and important and makes my journey feel purposeful. "Staring at water" is my preferred state of being.
  2. Amtrak
    I only take Amtrak when I have to go far, so it has the same purposeful feeling as the ferry, and usually killer views. Plus I love assigned seating and wifi.
  3. NJ Transit
    I just take this to go into NYC when I'm visiting my parents, and it's this high up on the list because of the familiarity. Also everyone is always drunk and happy. Penn Station is a shithole though.
  4. AC transit
    It's convenient but I'm still bitter that I can't ride for free since I graduated from Cal and no longer have a school-subsidized bus pass.
  5. MUNI trains
    Eh, I could take them or leave them. They can be super convenient but are usually crowded.
  6. MUNI buses
    The 38 is the stuff nightmares are made of. I hate these buses.
  7. BART
    BART is the worst. BART is consistently ruining my life. I hate these dumb trains.