We all know what the paleo diet is, right? Super restrictive, supposedly how cavemen ate or something? I tried it for a few weeks and it was not my thing.
  1. My energy levels varied wildly to the point that I wasn't able to reasonably plan for more-than-moderate physical activity.
    It's true but wasn't THAAAAAAAT bad. I eventually got into a rhythm but the first few days were ruff.
  2. I realized that it's dangerous for someone with a history of disordered eating to jump into something with so many rules, since I might use it as an excuse to run back into the familiar, loving arms of anorexia nervosa.
    Also true! I've been dealing with eating issues for a long, long time. And while it wasn't a problem this go-around, I don't like the constant battles about "I'm doing this to be kind to my body" vs "I'm using this as an excuse to hurt myself".
  3. I love every cheese.
    I do! And eating it makes me feel good!
  4. I don't currently have time to prepare every single meal in my life, and it really limits my options for eating out.
    Eeehhh this one's tenuous at best. I have the time, just not really the fridge space (I live with 5 people and haven't yet gotten a mini fridge).
    I don't know if I've mentioned it 600 times, but I was raised in NJ and pasta is my birthright.
  6. Actual reason: I do not have time in my day to poop that much.
    I feel like the law of conservation of mass should make it impossible for me to crap out my entire body weight eighty times a day, yet here we are.