This is a passo-aggro list.
  1. I'm too intimidating.
    This is my excuse for everything and p much never applies, as I'm about three feet tall and look like a cabbage patch kid.
  2. I'm too mysterious.
    I'm very much a rando on this app. Maybe you need some guidance on lists I could make? (I could do the suggested list prompt about that but I'm a maverick). I would be good at: lists of places I've thrown up, lists of places I love in Oakland, lists about growing up in NJ, lists of pictures of dogs, lists about moving, lists about my couch, lists on why I refuse to meet my potential, lists on One Direction music videos, lists of dead people I think I could've seduced given the opportunity...
  3. I'm not as witty or insightful as I think I am and nobody actually wants to hear my thoughts.
  4. You're too busy.
    That's okay!
  5. This flagrant neediness is off-putting.