I was sober
  1. I sent him a lengthy email three weeks ago with no response
  2. So the other day I sent him a cat picture and he responded, proving we are still #buds
  3. But that wasn't enough for me so I sent him another shorter email explaining that when I don't get responses to things, I assume people are mad at me
  4. I tried to lighten the tone by attaching another cat picture
  5. Except apparently when you drag pictures from iMessage on your desktop to gmail, inline pictures are HUGE and can cut off most of the text
  6. So the email I ultimately sent was three of the same giant cat picture with "everything okay?" at the bottom
  7. Then I sent another email explaining my technological foibles
  8. No response
  9. [UPDATE ON FRIDAY] I got a response! He's not mad! But he is worried about my mental health (par for the course)
    Thank you for taking this journey with me