Select portions from the first two days of the letter I wrote my boyfriend for the entirety of my Amtrak trip a few weeks back. I forgot to snippet the rest before I mailed it but this'll give a taste. Actual letter is 4 pages long, double sided.
  1. 10:15am, Thursday
    My sleeper car is basically a cubby, so I'm glad I'm small and like small spaces.
  2. 1:20pm
    I also had a brief interaction with a grandma looking lady who asked me if I was in college and I got flustered said I just graduated which is obviously a lie so now I'm terrified I'll see her again and either have to come clean or just keep lying? She congratulated me. I'm a monster.
  3. 5:27pm
    I just saw literal wild mustangs.
  4. 8:00pm
    I know it's too early to go to sleep but I want to. One of my tablemates got the steak for dinner and I wished you were with me because you're the only person who would've laughed if I said, "I have HAD IT with these MOTHERFUCKING steaks on this MOTHERFUCKING train." The moon is super dramatic outside my window right now. What a diva.
  5. 8:38pm
    I am a grown woman and I can get ready for bed before 9pm if I want to.
  6. 8:52pm
    I am ready for bed.
  7. 8:03am, Friday
    The picture I sent you of the sunrise didn't do it justice, but I tried.
  8. 1:20pm
    The longer I've been on the train, the more I start mentioning you in every conversation. It's because I miss you, and it's probably annoying to the other passengers. I don't care.
  9. 1:55pm
    Would you be mad at me if I made a shirt that said, "ASK ME ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND" and wore it every day?
  10. 8:17pm
    I talked to an engineer from the first Hubble telescope project, which was NUTS. He wants me to marry his son, who is 42. I will let you know once I come to a decision.
  11. 8:19pm
    I just remembered that I love you so I won't marry his son. YET.
  12. 8:20pm
    Love you so much though.