1. Whenever anyone asks any music-related question (like, "which band was [x]?"), my answer is always "Smash Mouth."
  2. I will wear a scarf, a huge winter hat, snow boots, and mittens but I will NOT button my coat no matter what.
  3. I also will wear snow boots and leggings if I don't feel like wearing pants.
    If you also live in the Bay Area or a similar climate, that's the best way to keep your bottom half warm and still not wear pants.
  4. If you're trying to put shoes on near me, I will grab your shoes and throw them across the room. This will never stop being hilarious to me.
  5. If you take too long to text me back, I will ask you if you threw your phone into the ocean. But then I won't answer your texts for three days.
  6. If you ever ask me any movie-related question (like, "which movie was [x]?") my answer will always be "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit."
  7. My voice doesn't travel at all (Siri can't even hear me) so my favorite thing is shit-talking people right next to me while my friends get increasingly nervous.
    Never been caught yet.
  8. My shoes are never tied.