1. Should I talk to him?
  2. He has made eye contact with me twice.
  3. How do people start conversations?
  4. I took my headphones out.
  5. Say something!
  6. Does he want to hold hands?
  7. He has two phones. Should I take my other phone out too?
    You're not SPECIAL, 2phonez.
  8. No ring!
    I wish men wore engagement rings though.
  9. I have SEEN him looking at me and I am in my element so I know I look cute and cool.
    I was meant to be on boats.
  10. I'm gonna keep futzing around on my phone.
  11. I like his socks.
  12. What if I took my pants off?
  13. He just cleared his throat.
    But said NOTHING.
  14. Goodbye, I am leaving the boat now.
    You missed your chance! I'm delightful!