Thanks @ChrisK for sharing week!
  1. I'm nervous all the time!
    So is everyone else, but I have some diagnoses about it. I tend to be bright and cheery at the social events I do make, but I skip a bunch due to can't-leave-my-houseness.
  2. I'm a phenomenal plumber.
    I've lived in a lot of places with broken toilets and I haven't yet met a toilet I couldn't fix. I'm good with garbage disposals too.
  3. I'm not dumb.
    I look really young and I have passionate opinions about the sort of pop culture people view as lowest-common-denominator, which some people decide means I'm vapid. I've already written a list about how much I hate the smart/dumb dichotomy so I'm not going to get into that here, but it makes me the saddest when I can tell someone thinks I'm stupid.
  4. I love kids.
    Sometimes someone will assume I don't like kids because I don't want any of my own, but I love kids. LOVE THEM. They're such weird shapes! They're constantly learning new stuff and it's great to watch! They're funny as hell!
  5. I have a giant head, and my teeth aren't symmetrical.
    Double-whammy because these are two of my (numerous and varied) flaws that people don't pick up on until I announce their existence. My head doesn't look that big but I wear a men's size XL bike helmet, and one of my incisors never grew in so I have more teeth on the right side of my face than I do on the left.
  6. I'm genuinely trying my best most of the time.
    Even when it seems like I'm shambling around, I try to at least have a method to my bullshit.