The last list like this I made was roughly 3 weeks ago, aka last time I was PMSing.
  1. Realizing, while on the phone with my older sister who lives 3000 miles away, that I was wearing sweatpants of hers that I stole when she brought them back from a summer spent in SF.
  2. Both of us talking about how much we love our mom.
  3. I will never get to see my skeleton.
    I don't want an x ray. I want to see the real thing, all of it.
  4. The bar/coffeeshop near my house was playing The Strokes.
  5. The Walgreens near my house was playing "Always Be My Baby."
  6. It's raining and that is so good for the drought.
  7. It's raining and that always makes me feel weird.
  8. I was trying to be incognito about sleeping with another comic but a third comic saw us in the bar/coffeeshop this morning clearly Post-Banging and I'm worried about gossip.
  9. I really really want to see my skeleton and I can't.
  10. If I made a clone of myself and rapidly aged it so it caught up with me, I know I wouldn't be able to kill it and I'm sad that I even thought of that as a way for me to see my skeleton because that is very dark.
  11. I'm rewatching the first season of Parks and Recreation and I'm so proud of how the characters have grown.