1. When my older sister told me that the way I spoke and turned my head reminded her of our mom.
  2. When my friends were walking behind my sister and me then later said it was eerie how we had the exact same walk.
  3. When I'm on BART and it's being really jumpy but I'm too short to find anything to hold onto and then an actual angel shuffles some people around so that I'm not falling down every time the train stops.
    Today my angel was an elderly Indian man with a mustache who politely ushered some people away from the pole near the door and then motioned for me to stand near him. Another notable angel was the guy who had all the short people hold onto the handlebars of his bike.
  4. When bus drivers call me "honey"
    I only like it when bus drivers do it.
  5. When I see Majestic Teen Boys (MTB)
    MTB is a very specific demographic: they're either very tall or very small, travel in packs, wear timberlands, and have no idea how to carry themselves. They usually also have acne. Every time I see a group of them I just want to pinch their cheeks. The term was coined this past winter in NJ when my friend and I were riveted by a group of them in our favorite bagel shop.
  6. When shopkeepers clearly love their lives and their shops and have been posted up in the same spot for a million years.
  7. When my mom can't stop telling stories of the 3 years she lived in SF every time she visits me.
    The highlights: when she fell into the Embarcadero fountain in a velour suit, when she woke up in a dumpster after an Erasure show, how she lived in a house on Wahler with my uncles that they called "the squalor on Wahler."
  8. When I hear a Jersey or Long Island accent.
    So homesick for my trashy brethren.
  9. When my little sister put sunscreen on my back so deliberately and with such focus.
    I mean, she's 14 so I try not to infantalize her but she's still 10 years younger than I am so it's great to see her growing into a full person who's great at sunscreen application