24 is very very young. I am not old. But this is when I feel old.
  1. When I realized I couldn't touch my palms to the floor anymore.
    Until this year, I could do that ALL THE TIME no matter what sort of physical fitness I was in otherwise. My supple joints have betrayed me. Now I'm becoming one of those weird yoga dorks so I can get it back ASAP.
  2. When news that my peers are engaged/married doesn't horrify me as much.
    Sometimes it makes sense!
  3. When my feet hurt because I wore the wrong shoes for too long.
    I have a lot of experience with wildly impractical shoes, and only recently have I suffered any consequences. I used to be able to full-on sprint in 6-inch heels 😭
  4. When I'm not tryna d8 someone I'd otherwise be tryna d8 because we have *~different goals~*
    This is also because I'm impatient and want to find my forever-partner as soon as I can, so I don't see the point in going for a relationship that has zero potential as a forever thing. (I felt super old when I realized I shouldn't try to date a particular someone I know because I don't want kids ever).
  5. When I get distressed during the school year when I see teens out and about.
  6. When I watch "My So-Called Life" and am like, "ok but Patty makes some good points."
  7. When I found one grey hair!!!!
    WHAT. WHY. Redheads don't go grey this is a SCIENTIFIC FACT.