1. ...every party I go to only have people I know I want to speak to?
    I'm not against parties! I like parties so much! But I am SHY.
  2. ...women's pants be sized in any sort of logical manner?
    Yo, pants, get it together.
  3. ...my fridge always be fully stocked without me having to go to the grocery store?
    I hate food shopping but love food! This is distressing!
  4. ...laser hair removal be like $10?
    I want it, I don't want to pay for it.
  5. ...grad school be like $10?
    If I get in, I'm gonna be in AGGRESSIVE debt for a super long time.
  6. ...my head-hair grow like 10 inches a day?
    I wanna have the option to have my own hair either long or short at any given moment.
  7. ...teleportation be a thing?
    My mom and her dog live 3000 miles away, which is so dumb.
  8. ...🎶I breeeeathe, whenever I theeeenk about youuuu🎶