Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of my favorite new shows this season and if you aren't watching it I'm actively mad at you.
  1. So many things that make me pause and say, "That is SO REAL and also something I haven't seen on TV before?" INCLUDING:
  2. A main character who's an East Asian jock.
    I read an interview with the creator, Rachel Bloom, about how she grew up in Southern California and how her real-life Popular Dude archetypes were always Asian jocks, but she never saw that reflected on TV, so that's why she created Josh.
  3. A main character who's been through the mental illness medication mill.
    I've already made a list about "You're the Worst" and its portrayal of depression as something I recognize (WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH "YOU'RE THE WORST") but one of the things I see in CEG that I don't see anywhere else is the whole, "I have tried EVERYTHING, I have seen many doctors, I've been on every pill imaginable, and something is still off." No one's meant to think that Rebecca is a paragon of mental health, but seeing her in the midst of that is really comforting.
  4. That feeling you get when someone you're crushing on HARD has a partner, so somehow you need to be OBSESSED with that partner? To the point where you want to consume them?
    This song: is what made me call one of my friends IMMEDIATELY and yell, "PLEASE WATCH THIS!" Because that encapsulates such a particular and common form of nonsense and I don't think I've ever seen a show go into it that explicitly? I immediately went through the laundry list of people I've decided to LOVE, LIKE, SOOOO MUCH just because they were dating someone I wanted to hump! And I know I'm not the only one!
  5. My kind of east coast/west coast dichotomy.
    Yeah, the NY/CA differences aren't ever gonna be new ground in any sort of media, but there's so much I relate to HARD as someone who grew up in NJ with NY sensibilities, and has lived in the Bay Area for the last six years. My best friend works for a cupcake company in NY, which sounds like the most whimsical job in the world, and still works 60 hour weeks minimum. Whereas I work for a giant tech company and leave right at 5 every day.
  6. Other than the OVERABUNDANCE of REALNESS, it's also just a hilarious show.
    The musical thing can throw people off. I get it. I'm not gonna act like it's not a huge part of the show or anything, but it does add to the magical realism of watching a smart, funny, ridiculous person up and move across the country based on one chance encounter. Also one of the songs involves an aside of "Ass blood!"
  7. The characters behave like people.
    There's a 💕love triangle💕 on the show, and it's handled in a way that makes actual sense and isn't just trumped up for the sake of drama.
  8. PAULA.
  9. It's honestly the sort of show I'd love to write for, which is my highest recommendation.
    The grad school apps I just finished were for screenwriting (television writing specifically) and the reason I want to go down that path is because of shows like this.