Meaning, the bar at which I am a regular. Maybe I'll tell you which one it is, but maybe not! It's mine! I'm proprietary! (It's Woods in Oakland)
  1. Delicious empanadas.
    Get the ham and cheese one. Or the chard one if you don't eat ham.
  2. They brew their beer in-house and it's delicious.
    No matter what kind of beer you like, there is a beer for you. Unless you don't like beer, in which case there is wine? Looks decent but I've never ordered it.
  3. All the bartenders love me.
    And I love them! I rarely have to pay for my first round. I know all of their names and they know mine. Even the bartender I openly hate gives me free beers because I'm charming as hell and I always tip. When my fav bartender's boyfriend came in, she was so excited for him to meet me. Warmed my lil heart.
  4. Convenience!
    I no longer live directly down the street from it, but it's still only a 10 minute bike ride.
  5. Fire pit.
    Cozy as hell.
  6. It's down the street from a bar I hate.
    So good to walk past the crappy bar on the way to my bar.
  7. Dogs allowed and often present.
    One time I met a bloodhound named Milton.
  8. They had a Girl Scout cookie event.
    Meaning they brewed amazing beers based on Girl Scout cookies, and donated a portion of the proceeds to an awesome nonprofit for young girls in Oakland.
  9. The owner is a dead ringer for the Brawny man.
    It's overwhelming.
  10. It's the best place to grab a casual beer and read a book, or low-key hang with your friends.
    This is not a party bar. I hate those. It's never too crowded and I rarely have to ignore dickheads who can't read the room.