Read this if you wanna read how lame my life is
  1. I wake up too late
    Like...really late???
  2. By the time I get ready, all the food options that are decent are closed
    :/ that college lyfe ,,,,,,,,, i hate not having a kitchen. or a car.
  3. I think about doing a workout
    I don't. (Most of the time)
  4. I eat some crap I have in my room
    Sometimes this means candy. Sometimes this means peanut butter.
  5. I sit around on the internet
    I just woke up???? Give me tome
  6. It gets dark
    ....It's 9PM. I've only been awake for 5 hours
  7. I get tired of sitting around
    But I can't go anywhere because I don't have a car?? Or friends???? But I can't go on a walk bc it's dark af
  8. Keep ~surfing the web~ even though I hate it
  9. Sleep
    Saturdays I'm pretty much awake for like 6 hours