It's 5:30, do you know where your Marissa is?!
  1. Look sadly at my gym bag in my office corner, come up with an excuse not to go. "Well! I am too hungry! Can't go!" (A literal excuse I had)
  2. Keep thinking about going to the gym. Try to stay at work longer to do a task because then it will be too late to go.
  3. Give up on both. Defeatedly leave my building.
  4. Take an uber, make excruciating small talk. Literally talk about traffic and weather- too things that hardly change here.
  5. Immediately take off restricting clothing and throw on the floor even though clothes are dry clean only.
  6. Put on huge ridic t-shirt, likely from a campaign that occurred years ago. this will be my wardrobe. Maybe I won't even shower tonight.
  7. Wait... Why is this t-shirt wet?!
  8. WHY IS IT WET?!
  9. Feel disgusted knowing I put on a cat pee shirt.
  10. Force myself to shower in sadness
  11. Contemplate cooking or doing the dishes before Johnny gets home
  12. Give up on both.
  13. Defeatedly watch reruns of Seinfeld while draining my phone's battery by looking at fantasy football stuff.
  14. Pet buster, but still hold a grudge about that pee.
  15. Johnny's home! Time for dinner and TV and treats! 😻