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  1. Fine dining with a beach flare
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    It's easy to have a fun and classy date! Google Red Lobster and make a reservation. Once you are there- it's time to relax. The server will even buzz you when your table is ready! Ask about the catch of the day- and don't forget to ask for Paul, the manager, he may just give you a discount ;)
  2. Check out a show like a hipster
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    The key to any good concert IS is the venue, so just buy tickets at random to one of the classics. Fun fact that you can only hear from a true Colorado native- Red Rocks is both a rock formation and theater! They have some great shows there. Grab your boo and head to Of Monsters and Men! Photo of the Lumineers, another Colorado secret ;)
  3. Hang with the cool cats
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    If you are a fellow Angeleno- check out the hoods for the artists- Venice Beach and Silverlake. These "hoods" still have their edge! No poser stuff like at the Grove!
  4. Sing some tunes
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    How about a little bit of karaoke with your love! Don't worry, you can sing all the classics. Try a duet of a romantic song like "3 AM" by Matchbox 20 or their other hit "drops of Jupiter." Just try not to focus on how dreamy Rob Thomas is, lol!
  5. Get creepy!
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    Go to a man's grave at the cemetery. Then remind your date that this date is more like man's grave. Then go to your couples horse riding lesson in awkward silence. See?! Creepy can be fun!