Fremont is in the East Bay, between Oakland and San Jose. Only through living away from it have I gained any sort of appreciation for it. Thanks for the suggestion, @list!
  1. Niles Film Museum
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    Broncho Billy westerns and Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp were filmed on location in Fremont's Niles District at Essanay Studios, a silent film studio and one of the West Coast's first motion picture studios. The Niles Film Museum has a silent movie theater that shows silent films every Saturday night and has a lot of cool artifacts for film nerds.
  2. MC Hammer's Hammer Time Mansion
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    MC Hammer had a 40,000 sq ft mansion custom built in the Fremont hills in 1993 with a bowling alley, recording studio, in house movie theater, 2 swimming pools, tennis courts, baseball diamond, and a 17 car garage. The front gates said "HAMMER TIME". He sold the house and moved to Tracy when he went bankrupt in 1997.
  3. Tyme For Tea
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    A cute spot in the Niles District that does Victorian tea service. It's quaint and pink and lacy and full of yummy scones. AND THEY HAVE BIG HATS YOU CAN WEAR. I went here with @joviana. The tea was good and she looked great in her hat.
  4. Little Kabul
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    Fremont is home to the largest Afghan American population in the US. This neighborhood is geographically very small, but after 9/11, it got a lot of attention from major news media. With Us or Against Us (2002) is a great documentary about the Afghan American community in Fremont's Little Kabul in the aftermath of September 11:
  5. Lake Elizabeth
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    Man made lake in Fremont's Central Park. There is a mysterious island in the middle of it that I was intrigued by as a child and was horrified to discover is actually a duck sanctuary covered in bird shit that I had to clean every summer during my ~youth community service program. Fun to jog around whenever I visit.
  6. Mission Peak
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    A difficult hike (for me) with a killer view.
  7. De Afghanan
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    The literal best Afghan food I have ever had. Nowhere else compares, this is the ultimate. I have dreams about the chicken and pakaura.
  8. Spin A Yarn from Kitchen Nightmares
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    Gordon Ramsey visited in 2012 to yell at the owners for terrible business practices and yucky food. It is my understanding that the decor has improved but the food is still meh.
  9. Top of the World
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    Teens smoke and/or hook up here. Not geotagging because I have only ever been driven here to make out. We had to park in a residential area in the hills and go up a sketchy trail to see the view. I'm sure it's nice but I was too busy kissing a dude to remember specifics.