I'm a 1.5 generation Filipina American and despite being very assimilated into US culture, there are still lots of American things my white friends had to explain to me. Inspired by @hannieshit's list.
  1. Civil War reenactments
  2. Rodeos, dog shows, equestrian, lots of animal stuff
    Wait, so the humans get awards because the animals are good at things?
  3. Casseroles
    You just layer food in a pan and bake it and that can be considered cooking??? AMAZING. Finally something I can excel at in the kitchen!
  4. Geneology obsession
    ESPECIALLY for descendants of pilgrims and slaveowners. Like, are you really proud of this?
  5. Voluntourism
    You do realize that there are plenty of poor communities that need immediate aid right here in the U.S., right? Probably really close to your neighborhood, too!
  6. English words for profanity and body parts
    I didn't know how to say butt, fart, genitals, boobs, or curse words in anything but Tagalog until I was easily 9 years old.
  7. Tanning
    I was just born this way so....
  8. "When I was 18, I was on my own."
    A couple of friends told me this happened to them and it made me so sad, because even at 25 I don't feel like an adult and I can't imagine being 18 and having to figure out life alone because of an arbitrary legal assignment of adulthood.
  9. Camping/sleeping outdoors
    My family saved money and risked everything to move to America specifically so we would no longer have to do this.