She was so good! My life will never be the same!
  1. Her voice
    Obviously. Unparalleled. Her voice soared to heaven and back.
  2. Her outfits
    SO MANY HIGH CUT BODYSUITS. And every single one was stunning. Gold, crimson, black, white, bedazzled, latex, military style, with long trains, with capelets, with shoulder pads... This woman is the queen of one piece fashion.
  3. The wind machines
    There was never a moment where wind was not blowing on her. HOW does her hair always look so good?! I roll the window down in my car for 15 seconds and I look a goddamn mess. ALSO, is this a clever way to make sure no one ever sees her sweat?
  4. The dancing
    Holy shit. The INTENSITY. The POWER. The RAW ENERGY. Every single woman on that stage was absolutely crushing it.
  5. The woman behind me yelling YESSSSSS BEYYYYYYYY SLAYYYYYY after every song
    I love her and understand her.
  6. Don't Hurt Yourself/Ring the Alarm/Diva
    THIS. IS. MY. SHIT. It started out with a New Slaves guitar solo that turned into this avalanche of anger and raw confidence that made me want to flip over chairs and set shit on fire.
  7. Freedom
    She sounded incredible and she and her dancers DANCED IN WATER. In high heeled thigh high boots. It doesn't sound that impressive but seriously go look it up or go see it in person, it was awesome.
  8. The cube
    You also need to be there to understand, but the giant cube rotates and projects things and there are so many colors. I don't know what to tell you, it's pretty much the perfect set piece.
  9. The Prince tribute
    The entire stadium was lit up with cell phones and purple light and we all sang Purple Rain together. I was in tears.
  10. Whenever she spoke to us
    She talked about the strength and courage that all women have. She told us to sing Survivor with her to celebrate all the shit we've been through as individuals. She thanked us for getting all dressed up to see her and the blisters on my feet from my high heeled boots seemed totally worth it.
  11. When the stadium was doing THE MOST and out key changing Beyoncé when she sang a little of Love On Top
    I think she meant it to be a short and sweet little interlude where she sang just the chorus to us acapella and the whole stadium was like NOPE and sang all the key changes back to her. We literally had to be stopped.
  12. Halo
    I will literally never get tired of hearing this song. Especially because she is an ANGEL on earth, this was a blessing for my ears and eyes
    She's beautiful and talented and also adorable and kind and basically everything you could ever want in a human being.