Probably true facts from an actual real life bisexual!
  1. We have to get married twice.
    Once to a man, once to a woman. As Aphrodite intended!
  2. Our sex partner # must be a multiple of 2.
    To accomplish this, most of us bi people just have sex with 2-4 people at a time.
  3. Our default ringtone is Bye Bye Bye.
    Or more accurately, "Bi Bi Bi".
  4. Tricycles make us nervous.
    They're just trying way too hard, you know?
  5. Those of us who identify as pansexual are sexually attracted to your cookware.
    Don't trust us alone in your kitchens!
  6. We're so selfish!
    We'll steal your girlfriend and then have sex with your dad. Vicious.
  7. We're basically ghosts.
    Lots of people don't believe we exist.
  8. We don't feel like we belong anywhere sometimes, and both gay and straight people either write us off as "just going through a phase" or think that our sexuality makes us more likely to cheat on our monogamous partners. Both are rude and wrong and hurtful stereotypes!
    Ok this is a real one.