Not really happening, but you know....I'm a narcissist.
  1. Me: ??? some unknown
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    Let this be her big break!
  2. Lil sis @jennifwah: Casey Wilson
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    Casey wrote Bride Wars and Jennifer has watched Bride Wars more than any living human being not involved with actual production of the film.
  3. Roommate @Creamz: Ellen Page
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    Her love interest Lenny Kravitz will of course be played by Lenny Kravitz.
  4. BFFL @joviana: Aubrey Plaza
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    Almost positive but need to see Aubrey's reaction to the show Outlander to be absolutely sure.
  5. @goobs and @Allys_on: Jillian Bell and Hannah Hart
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    This has spinoff potential written all over it.
  6. Boyfriend: Rob Corddry
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    Aged down with a beard, this is perfect casting.
  7. My brother: Dante Basco
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    I just want an excuse to meet Rufio.
  8. My parents: my parents
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    They're adorable! Why wouldn't you cast them?