Happy Draft Week! Wrote this because I am tired of watching Batman and Superman and Iron Man and all kinds of typical superhuman at the box office. Opening up for other suggestions from comic book Listapp!
  1. Dazzler
    Like Hannah Montana but in the 70's/80's and with fighting!
  2. Patriot (Eli Bradley)
    Grandson of the FIRST Captain America who was black and a Tuskegee Airman. He is fucked up and angry and takes care of his grandfather when he isn't fighting crime. It would be gritty and heartbreaking and I would probably love it.
  3. The Runaways
    This would be SO FUN as a movie series.
    4 badass ladies fight things for hire in medieval times.
  5. She-Hulk
  6. Black Widow
    Would love for them to make this with a Russian woman and not ScarJo tbqh
  7. Y: The Last Man
    Post apocalyptic mystery! All female cast except for protagonist (who you are not supposed to identify with because he is an idiot and all the women still surviving are smart and badass and he needs them because he is useless)
  8. Captain Marvel (Kamala Khan)
    She teams up with Wolverine once and talks to him about the popular fanfic she wrote about him. She'll speak to a generation.
  9. A Fantastic Four movie that is fun and action packed and gives Sue Storm more to say and do than...oh, I don't know. Listen to Portishead and manic type on a computer without even entering the new dimension?