Day 4 was all day driving mostly disaster. First big argument of the trip but now everything is 😎👌🏽💯
  1. Ridiculously beautiful
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    This crater is a collapsed volcano. That little island is a cinder cone called Wizard Island.
  2. One of the most awesome places I've ever been
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    The water is so clear and brilliantly blue because it is filled with water from rain and snow, making it one of the cleanest purest bodies of water ever.
  3. We swam in the lake!
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    After hiking down to the crater, it looked grey because of falling ash and smoke from the wildfires. Evening air was very smokey, making the 1 mile almost vertical hike back to our car all the more difficult. Still 100% worth it! The water was clear and perfect and I got to hold some crayfish!
  4. My boyfriend is cute.
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  5. So am I!
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  6. Together, we're cutest.
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    Pre and post hike and swim! Wouldn't want to do this with anyone else tbh