The world is under attack and this is who I want on my squad. Partially for @Allys_on.
  1. Furiosa (Mad Max) and Ripley (Alien)
    The heavy artillery
  2. Sarah Connor (Terminator)
    The muscle
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The unlikely leader and inspirational speech maker.
  4. Kara Thrace (BSG)
    The pilot
  5. Gina Carano, Rhonda Rousey
    The adopted sister team of stoic skull crushers
  6. O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill Volume 1)
    The swords
  7. Sydney Bristow (Alias) and Agent May (Agents of SHIELD)
    Special Ops
  8. River Tam (Firefly) and Zen (Chocolate)
    The wild cards
  9. Selena Kyle (Catwoman/Anne Hathaway)
    The morally conflicted
  10. Scarlet Witch (MCU)
    The telekinetic
  11. Hit-Girl (Kick Ass)
    The mouth
  12. Xena
    The warrior princess