A reminder for myself, more than anything.
  1. Yoga
    I'm not just in it for the savasana... alhough that is a bonus. The full experience of yoga keeps me present and grounded. Being so aware of my body used to be uncomfortable but I now find it absolutely invigorating.
  2. Playing an instrument
    Creating music can be incredibly therapeutic. Even learning a new song to distract your brain from stress can be a comfort. My guitar has saved me from a breakdown on more than one occasion.
  3. At-home manicures
    I used to do these every week and it has made me ambidextrous. $8-$10 for a new color, a reeeeally good top coat (Seche Vite, preferably), and about a half hour to apply brightens my spirits quickly.
  4. Coloring
    Yes, with a book and crayons. Art therapy! Instant gratification and the feeling of being creative without any of the messy and difficult creative process. B&N actually sells adult coloring books in store if you want to browse.
  5. Legally Blonde or the Johnny Karate show episode of Parks & Rec
    Depending on how much time I have to watch a thing, these are my two go-to never fail happy things to watch.
  6. Lush bath bombs and bubble bars
    Beautifully warm and decadent, best enjoyed by candlelight. Cut down on this because of the CA drought, but if I have been v good about taking short showers for over a week, I definitely treat myself to this.
  7. Pore strips and exfoliating masks
    Physically feeling like I am removing dirt from my life is extremely satisfying.
  8. Gelato and fresh fruit
    The best of both worlds.