I'm not sure if this is actually province superstition or weird shit specific to my mom/her family, but I grew up with all of it because my mother thought it was better to be safe than sorry.
  1. Don't sing while you're cooking rice!
    That's a one way ticket to being an old maid!
  2. Don't look at the moon from inside!
    Not in the car, not from inside a building. Otherwise, you'll be ugly!
  3. Pregnant people can't look at ugly people!
    Looking at pictures of ugly people when you're pregnant could make your child ugly! My mom didn't watch Star Trek for the entirety of her pregnancy bc of alien face makeup.
  4. Open all your doors and make noise on NYE!
    Open doors let good fortune in, banging pots and pans scares bad spirits away! I still do this with my family every year and I prefer it to going out with friends because it's ridiculous and my family is 💯💯💯
  5. Eat noodles on your birthday!
    You will have long life!
  6. Don't name children after their parents!
    Kids named after their parents will have bad relationships with their namesakes!
  7. Apologize to the tiny people that live in the ground for disturbing their homes when you walk through heavily wooded areas or else they will curse you with either painfully swollen testicles or painfully swollen breasts!
    I don't even know!