We are very different people.
  1. Professional wrestling
    Hard Pass from me. It's his favorite.
  2. Hip hop
    I love it. But, if "real instruments" are not involved, my partner remains unmoved. And this BAFFLES me because he is also a writer and hip hop artists are some of the most intelligent lyricists ever? All attempts to educate him have been fruitless thus far, but I'll get him eventually.
  3. Organic food
    He cares so much about this and I'm just like...meh? I do admire his commitment to healthy eating, but unless he bought the food and is cooking for me, I can't say I share this enthusiasm.
  4. Summertime
    Sunshine is my oxygen. Hot days are my joy. My people were made to thrive in this kind of environment. He sunburns quickly and gets cranky in direct sunlight.
  5. Avengers: Age of Ultron movie
    I hated it. He wants to watch it 5 more times.
  6. Books without pictures
    We both adore the written word. I will read EVERYTHING-- classics, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, essays, memoirs. He almost exclusively reads comics/graphic novels because the art is very important to him.
  7. Pie
    He doesn't like pie and when he told me this I was so distraught.